Truth hurts. All the trigger warnings.
You really don't. And I get ranty about it.
I wrote this a year ago.. it's the most read blog I've ever written and so I thought I'd refresh it a bit.
Buckle up, pals! This will be your best new year's resolution, ever!
Just an admin thing.. nothing too important to see here.
The journey of a gym beginner and the magic that happens after, a recipe to bugger up, and some exercise, too.
TLDR: I'm starting my health and fitness journey again, and I'd love it if you would join me.
Really. Also a fitness test to assess where you're at, and a picture of my lunch because it was delicious, even though it didn't look it.
Delicious exercise snacks to get you started, a ramble on protein and supplements, and the one thing gym members should always do... oh and learning how…
A recap on coaching topics, a rant about goals, and why I'm full of hypocrisy. Oh boy.. open kimono here we go!
Struggling to get started? I have more tips to try. And they're not as crap as that fitness test, so that's good.
Ten tips to make your workouts way better, another recipe to borg de borg over, and an exercise for your core that you won't believe is actually awesome…