“the wellness industry is cooked, mate”

Oh hi there,

I’m Lou, and I’m a former personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach, and this is the Lou O’Reilly takes out the trash - newsy.

Throughout my study and work in this industry, I have seen and experienced a lot. And it’s mostly not good.

So in this wee newsy I’ll be taking a bunch of health-ish, wellbeing-ish, fitness-ish type stuff that utterly sucks and prove (with science) why it sucks, so that you don’t have to waste anymore of your hard earned coin on it, or feel shite about any of it any longer.

I’ll cover exercise, food, supplements, toxic diet culture, and other things that the hundred billion dollar fitspo industry enjoys peddling to vulnerable people.

Sometimes I’ll write about other, loosely related stuff that I reckon has a feel good factor, or I want to get off my chest. I also have ADHD and a bent for business having started, failed, exited and succeeded in over 20 businesses over the last 20+ years.

So when I say this is a mixed bag newsy, that’s exactly what it is - I hope you enjoy it!

What you can expect

It’s my aim to write something every week. I would love to deliver in a consistent way, but due to ADHD and life, that’s just not how I roll.

Lou O’Reilly takes the trash out newsy will be delivered straight to your inbox. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can just bookmark the link sweatypals.nz and and check back whenever you feel the urge. But I’m hoping getting an email about a subject matter you’re might be mildly interested in might be ok? Give it a go and see.

Getting in touch

I’d love to hear from you. I’ve switched on the chat function for this page which I’m not wholly sure about, but it’s there. Or you can reach me easily via email lou@sweatypals.nz or by replying to an email from the newsletter in your inbox.

I do hope you enjoy this new direction. Perhaps give it a try and see if it fits.

Lou xx

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An irregular and mixed bag newsy about how cooked the wellness industry is, and how to keep yourself safe from its hundred billion dollar claws.


Lou Draper O’Reilly

#ADHD, PR flack. Former PT & nutrition coach. Carb enabler. Mediocre backhand. Mostly retired from everything else. I’m very tired.